List of Publications

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  • (in Vorbereitung) John Griffiths and Paul Kieffer. Lute, Vihuela and Guitar to 1800. Oxford Bibliographies of Music (Oxford University Press;  für 2017 Vorgesehen).
  • Kieffer, Paul. „Jacob Polonois: A Forgotten Royal Lutenist of France.“ Lute News 120 (December 2016): 21-24.
  • Kieffer, Paul. „Jacques Le Polonois, c 1545/55 – c 1605.“ Text auf Jacques Le Polonois : Pièces de luth AE-12157 (2015): 7-11.
  • Kieffer, Paul. „An Approach to Reconstructing the First Lute Intabulations.“ LSAQ XLIX/2 & 3 (2014): 7-20. (
  • The Lute Library  A research initiative aiming to catalogue the complete surviving sources (printed and manuscript) for early plucked fretted instruments from c.1460 to c.1760 in addition to all modern literature from the 20th and 21st centuries dealing with the subject.