Paul Kieffer (b.1990) is a lutenist and specialist of old plucked instruments. His debut solo recording of royal lute music from Renaissance France was nominated by the ICMA for best album of 2016 in the category of early music, and his 2017 solo recording (Arcana/Outhere Music) of 16th-century Italian music for the lute and viola da mano received wide international acclaim. As a chamber musician and multi-instrumentalist he performs over 50 concerts per year around Europe with groups like Arcangelo (UK), Capriccio Barockorchester (CH), Concerto Copenhagen (DE), Ensemble La Fenice (FR), Ensemble Leones (DE), MusicAeterna (RU), Scherzi Musicali (BE) et al. As a basso continuo player he took part in productions in the Berliner Philharmonie (Großer Saal), Kölner Philharmonie, Cité de la musique (Paris), Megaron (Athens), Bolshoi Theatre (Moscow), Teatro Real (Madrid), Grande Auditório da Gulbenkian (Lisbon), St. Petersburg Philharmonic Grand Hall and others. He also took part in radio broadcasts on France Musique, Radio Rai 3 (IT), Radio 4 (NL), RTBF (BE), SRF 2 Kultur (CH) and SWR (DE), and appears on over a dozen CDs (labels incl. Arcana, Claves, Deutsche Harmonia Mundi, Ibs Classical, Naxos, Ricercar, et al.). As an ensemble player he has appeared in early music festivals in Ambronay, Barcelona, Basel, Bruges and Utrecht. Of both American (father) and Yugoslav (mother) origin, he immigrated to Switzerland in his early 20s where he had the fortune of studying at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis under support of the Maja Sacher Stiftung where he received an MA with honours. His articles on performance practice are published by the Lute Society (UK), and he is now co-authoring a large bibliography of works for the lute, vihuela and guitar with John Griffiths for Oxford University Press. Apart from the lute he enjoys singing sacred music of the 15th and 16th centuries and playing the Turkish and Arabic oud.

NEWS     09.11.2017

Abendmusiken in der Predigerkirche
12. November 2017, 17h in der Basler Predigerkirche


NEWS     01.10.2017

Solo recital tour:

20. October 2017 (Vienna):   La canzon delli ucelli/Le Chant des oyseaux | Music of Janequin, Richafort, Arcadelt, de Sermisy, Garnier, Capirola, F da Milano, P. Borrono and M. Dall’Aquila (6-course lute)

21. October 2017 (Regensburg):   La canzon delli ucelli/Le Chant des oyseaux

22. October 2017 (Regensburg):   Zwischen Berg und tiefem Tal | All German lute music. Pieces by H. and M. Newsidler, A. Blindhamer, F. Hungersperger, S. Ochsenkun, M. Reymann, G. Krengel, S. Kargel, E. Mertel,  et al. (7-course lute)

NEWS     28.09.2017

PLECTRUM LUTES c.1500. Photos from concert on 27.09.2017 opening the festival Basel Plucks (Marc Lewon, Paul Kieffer: lute. Grace Newcombe: soprano)


NEWS     22.08.2017

Review of new solo disc in Early Music Review (UK).

NEWS     20.08.2017

Upcoming concert at festival Basel Plucks.

NEWS     15.08.2017

Review of Sunday’s concert of Bach with Arcangelo dir. Jonathan Cohen

NEWS     03.07.2017

Review of newest solo album in Scherzo magazine (Spain).

NEWS     22.06.2017

Review of Paul Kieffer’s newest solo album in the bulletin of the French Lute Society.

NEWS     12.03.2017

Review from the Belgian lute society

NEWS     12.03.2017

CD-Rezension von Remy Franck

NEWS     09.03.2017

« Je te salue, ô luth harmonieux ! » 

Le luthiste Paul Kieffer joue Il Barbarino

NEWS 26.02.2017

Recording CD of Giovanni Felice Sances with Scherzi Musicali for the label Ricercar.

NEWS     26.02.2017

Read review of solo lute CD

NEWS 26.02.2017

Scenes from the Bayerische Nationalmuseum in München.

NEWS     06.02.2017

“De luit en de 16de eeuw: Paul Kieffer kent zijn klassiekers”

NEWS     06.02.2017

Click here to listen and read (IT) about new lute CD

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Fotos von Proben in der Basler Peterskirche 6.1.2017

NEWS     23.12.2016

NEWS     17.11.2016

Review of « Jacques Le Polonois | Pièces de luth » in Early Music Review (UK)

NEWS     16.11.2016

Paul Kieffer’s 2016 solo recording of the lute works of Jacob Polonois《Jacques Le Polonois》has been nominated by ICMA for their 2017 awards in the category of “Early Music”

NEWS     20.10.2016

Review of benefit concert

NEWS     29.08.2016

Concert with Alex Potter at the Utrecht Early Music Festival. G. Legrenzi, G. Rovetta, Solo Motets and Sonatas – Geertekerk, Utrecht (NL) 17h00

NEWS     28.08.2016

Review of concert in Vézelay

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NEWS     05.07.2016

Review of « Jacques Le Polonois | Pièces de luth » published this week in «Le Babillard»

NEWS     21.06.2016

Review from Spain of « Jacques Le Polonois | Pièces de luth »

NEWS     16.05.2016

Performing solo recital in Treviso, Italy (photo: Elisa Marchesini)

NEWS     11.05.2016

Upcoming solo recital in Treviso (IT)

NEWS     10.05.2016

Spezialitäten aus einer ganz anderen Zeit – Review of Paul Kieffer and Marc Lewon’s concert in the Römervilla

NEWS     26.04.2016

Rehearsing with Gabriel Jublin for recording on CLAVES records (CH). Concert on 30.04 in Saint-Raphaël, France.

NEWS     13.04.2016

Review of « Jacques Le Polonois | Pièces de luth » in Lute News (UK): “[…] The seriousness and refinement of Reys’s music (not to mention its difficulty—Reys was not afraid of awkward positions and unfriendly keys) find a worthy advocate in the young Paul Kieffer, whose playing is excellent throughout, and a suitable vehicle in a fine 8-course lute by Grant Tomlinson. […] Lutenist and lute work together to make a sound which is suitably bright on the treble side and mellow in the bass, full-bodied and secure with faultless intonation and excellent balance across the range of the lute, which is just what is wanted in polyphonic writing. Chordal passages are beautifully controlled and ‘together’, and phrasing and rubato are always very musical. Apparently Kieffer played every piece from memory for this recording, an approach which I think bears fruit in the sense of his mastery and control. One should also mention that 18 of the pieces here have never been recorded before […]” – Christopher Goodwin, The Lute Society (England)

NEWS     29.02.2016

Recording with Marc Lewon on Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen SRF

NEWS     28.02.2016

Fünf Sterne ★★★★★ in „Gitarre & Laute“ (Zeitschrift) für Paul Kieffer : « Jacques Le Polonois | Pièces de luth »

NEWS     26.02.2016

Review of Paul Kieffer’s solo CD in Pizzicato (Luxembourg)

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FAMB (Freunde Alte Musik Basel) Konzert

NEWS     01.12.2015

Solo CD « Jacques Le Polonois | Pièces de luth »